Self-Love is Radical.

Golden Hour is unlike anything you have ever experienced.  We are a wellness studio that believes in the power of continuous care.  We are anything but a traditional clinic.

Our unique sessions  include acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy and other modalities. We will help you celebrate in mind, body and soul, the daily ceremony of health, beauty and balance.

Benefits from acupuncture treatments are cumulative!


Our Founder

Janet Jay believes that self-care is medicine.

By bringing the ancient rituals and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine to everyday life at Golden Hour, she is able to share the tenets of beauty and wellness passed on to her by her family. Her hope is that ideas of health in modern society will be altered. No longer will wellness be a reaction, but a daily act of self-love.

Janet Jay lives in Portland, Oregon, and is the founder of Pearl+ Soaps.

Pearl+ is a modern interpretation of this Asian beauty treatment.  Each product begins with the activating qualities of crushed natural pearl, other herbs and minerals are incorporated for additional benefits.


Our Practitioners:


Shinichi (Shin) Moriyama

Shinichi (Shin) Moriyama was born and raised in Kagoshima, Japan. After moving to Portland in 1995, Shin studied at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. He graduated from OCOM in 2003 and opened his private clinic in the Hollywood District of NE Portland in 2004, where he still practices today. He enjoys spending time with his family and pets.


Liz Asch Greenhill

Liz trained in New York City and Oregon. She has worked in Portland community clinics, Reed College Health and Counseling Services and since 2009 has run her own private practice. An artist and award-winning writer, Liz also works as a creativity consultant, teaching artists and makers techniques to get embodied, better understand their artistic process, and unlock their creative flow. When Liz is not working with patients or in the studio, she is spending time with her amazing son.


Janice Brinkerhoff

Janice returned to Portland after practicing in Michigan for the last five years. She studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at Michigan State University, intending to continue her education in medical school but instead decided to pursue other methods of health and wellness. She honed her hands on skills at the Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City in 2001 and worked as a professional bodyworker prior to graduate school. She is a Certified Qigong Teacher and lifelong student with the Ling Gui International Qigong School here in Portland and teaches classes locally.


Sara Thomas

Sara Thomas studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu massage at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon. After graduating from OCOM, Sara traveled to Nanjing, China for 6 weeks of advanced studies, where she observed and practiced acupuncture and moxibustion in hospitals, visited Chinese herb farms and markets, and learned herbal formulas in hospital consultations. Through acupuncture, Sara is able to share her love of self-care, and enjoys in helping people live better through emotional balancing and natural pain relief. Sara teaches yoga, enjoys being in nature and spending time with her cat in her free time.