Share the Love & Pass It On

“Our passion is self-care with regular sessions of acupuncture, massage and eastern modalities of wellness. Take control, balance daily stresses and seasonal changes. Share the love and pass it on.”

--Janet Jay, Founder of Golden Hour

We hope by introducing a blog to our site, our clients and other colleagues in the field of health and wellness, will be able to understand why our approach is unique. As we welcome our first anniversary of being open, we cannot help but reminisce on the exciting journey this year has been. Golden Hour did not appear overnight. Instead, it was a long-held and deepy personal dream of our founder, Janet Jay, to share the beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the Portland community. In our first post, Janet articulates the GH philosophy and describes her relationship to TCM in wellness.

First of all, what is the philosophy of Golden Hour?

TCM has been introduced as a way to enhance Western medical treatments or help manage physical ailments. Although this is a wonderful and helpful practice for health issues, it isn't the only way it can benefit us. I believe TCM has much to teach us about preventative care, wellness and beauty when practiced routinely much like exercise, healthy eating and meditation.

My hope for Golden Hour is to create a new kind of wellness space offering treatment sessions utilizing TCM and Asian wellness modalities for beauty and preventative care. Unlike the clinical approach, our sessions are designed for regular visits. Our herbs change seasonally, four times a year as your mind and body require, for maintaining optimal physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Chair sessions are for affordable weekly visits and private sessions for monthly, more targeted goals.

Another important element to Golden Hour is our small, beautiful shop and apothecary. We have thoughtfully curated items for internal and topical use, as well and perfect gifts. All products are natural, green and organic, small batched and local when possible. After your session, we encourage all to create a daily ritual for at home care. Balance is beauty.

 A look inside the Golden Hour hutch.

A look inside the Golden Hour hutch.

 Janet's grandmother and granduncle. 

Janet's grandmother and granduncle. 

What are your philosophies on self-care and wellness?

The body gives back when given to. Good and bad stress is a state of being we experience in our daily lives. Managing this and learning the benefits of seasonal care is an important goal at GH. Like committing to a yoga or meditation class with regularity, GH acupuncture and massage sessions are grounding and relaxing, designed to balance our own innate healing energy. The sessions are designed to help clear your mind and balance your body. Acupuncture benefits, especially enhanced with other wellness modalities, are cumulative!

What relationship do you have to Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Being Chinese, TCM as a way of life has always been around, ever since I was a child. My grandmother and grand-uncle were especially influential in the TCM way we cared for ourselves. When tragedy struck my grand-uncle in China and he lost his family in a fire, my family brought him to the U.S. to live with us. Although not formally trained, he delved deep into wellness practices that were commonly and regularly used in TCM. Even as children we benefited from his care to enhance our health seasonally, in mind and body.

Describe what you wish to accomplish by bringing the philosophy of Golden Hour to the Portland community.

Portland is the perfect place to create a unique wellness space like Golden Hour. We have talented acupuncturists, practitioners, and therapists, many educated here in Portland, from some of the finest schools for TCM in the U.S. We would like to help foster a healthy lifestyle in our already health conscious community with a TCM wellness option that hasn't been offered before. I see Golden Hour enhancing our way of life to an open-minded community that already knows the benefits of holistic and preventative care.

At Golden Hour, we embrace and hope to strengthen collaborations with practitioners, local like-minded entrepreneurs bringing workshops, seminars and talks to spread the word of wellness and beauty in its most natural and historic form.

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